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And the winners are…

To mark the 20th anniversary of the LIFE programme in 2012, the LIFE Units organised two competitions open to all beneficiaries and project partners, past or present: a photo competition and a competition to sum up, in 20 words or less, what LIFE means to you.

From the numerous entries received, a panel of judges had the hard task of selecting the 20 "Best" photos and 20 "Best" texts. This long-list of "Best" entries was then whittled down to select the three "Best of the Best" photos and texts, which are presented below.

"Best of the Best" photographs:

Submitted by the Comacchio project (LIFE00 NAT/IT/007215)
project beneficiary: Regione Emilia-Romagna;
photographer: Adriano De Faveri.

Submitted by the Steppen project (LIFE04 NAT/AT/000002)
project beneficiary: Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung - Abteilung Naturschutz;
photographer: Heinz Wiesbauer.

Submitted by the Bat-Conservation-RO project (LIFE08 NAT/RO/000504)
project beneficiary: Environmental Protection Agency of Bihor County;
photographer: Farkas Szodoray- Parádi.

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"Best of the Best" texts:

"Thinking how, to save our water first, Thinking now, to quench our future thirst"
Submitted by the WATER CHANGE project (LIFE07 ENV/E/000845)
project beneficiary: CETAQUA;
Author: Suzy McEnnis.

"LIFE to więcej niż fundusz. LIFE to filozofia, która łączy ludzi i przyrodę. Niemożliwe czyni możliwym."
(Translation: "LIFE is more than a fund, it's a philosophy that connects people and nature. The impossible becomes possible.")
Submitted by the Renaturyzacja project (LIFE09 NAT/PL/000258)
project beneficiary: Biebrzański Park Narodowy;
Author: Artur Wiatr.

"'Era il tempo migliore, era il tempo peggiore' per i nostri paesaggi rurali. Misurarsi con la contraddizione, il progetto LIFE."
(Translation: "'It was the best of times, it was the worst of times' for our rural landscapes; facing up to the contradiction: LIFE.'")
Submitted by the 'Design and implementation of a strategy aimed to exploit the suburban rural areas for cultural and leisure activities' project (LIFE95 ENV/IT/000154)
project beneficiary: Regione Emilia-Romagna;
Author: Anna Natali.

The authors of the "Best of the Best" photos and texts will each receive a compact camera; the authors of the 20 "Best" photos and texts will each receive a framed print.

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